In this country not everyone can call themselves an ‘Architect’.  The name ‘Architect’ is the copyright of Architects Registration Board’ and those who are members of this instituation can use the name.

It takes at least 7 years of studying and training to become a member.

A lot of architects are also members of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).  Members of this institution are Chartered Architects.

The whole emphasis is to ensure clients get the best proffessional service.

Recently, we’ve taken over a number of projects, where people claiming to be architects have mislead people and wasted their money on abortive planning applications.  It can be very frustration for client, particularly since some have built these and have enforcement action against them.

Would you use doctor who is not qualified and member of General Medical Council? or a accountant is not a member ACA or ACCA or SIMA?  I woudn’t!

People who call themselves, designers, architectural designers, architectural consultants, architectural technicians are NOT ARCHITECTS.  To check an architect is a Architect go to

There are a number of reasons why you should use a architect

  • Architects are trained to take your brief and can see the big picture.
  • Architects look beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible buildings that will adapt with the changing needs of your business.  
  • Architects solve problems creatively
  • When they are involved at the earliest planning stage, they gain more opportunities to understand your business, develop creative solutions, and propose ways to reduce costs.  
  • Architects can save you money by maximising your investment.
  • A well-designed building can reduce your bills now and increase its long-term value.  
  • Architects can manage your project from site selection to completion.
  • In many building projects the role of the architect includes co-ordinating a team of specialist consultants such as landscape architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, interior designers, builders and subcontractors. 
  • By managing and co-ordinating key project elements they allow you to focus on your organisation’s activities.  
  • They create total environments, interior and exterior, which are pleasing and functional for the people who work and do business within them.


Kishor Vekaria ARB RIBA APM studio V architects


Just got back from a site vist where we were appointed to design an extension for our client.  We had obtained planning permission and building control.  Our appointment had ended here.  Despite offering to manage the project on site, our client had chosen to handle build himself.

The contractors workmanship was good, however, he had changed fundamental design.  The roof.    He had chosen to tile a roof on a very shallow pitch.  Unfortunately in a couple of years time, the tiles will fly off and the roof will start to leak.  If you are tiling a roof, not all types of tiles will work, particularly if you putting in on a shallow pitch.  We also noticed, no lead had been placed, again there is a risk of leakage! 

This is not the only example.  We had a scheme before Christmas, where the contractor painted the steel with fire retardent paint,  He thought it was same as intumescent paint and was cheaper.  However one provided fire protection the other didn’t, more importantly it was dangerous and did not  meet building control.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only examples.  To a layperson, they would not notice this and trusts the work the contractor is doing is correct. We would and instruct the contractor to sort the problem out

What contract adminitrator administrators do is as follows:

  • Prepare the building contracts between the client and contractor;
  • Check to see if the contract has the right insurance to do the works;
  • Visit the site regularly to ensure the works are proceeding to plan;
  • Visit to the site to make sure is following architects plans and not trying to use defective materials
  • Certify payments for works carried out or completed.  Some contractors try to claim money works not done or completed property
  • Make final inspections and arrange for any defects to be sorted. 

This service is particularly important for those who do not understand or have knowledge of the  construction process.

Kishor Vekaria ARB RIBA APM Studio V architects

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